– Characters –


Gun Bullet Children

The Gun Bullet Children is an elite group of individuals who wield magic and other unworldly powers.  Their powers were instilled in them by the Church Inquisition, but at the cost of most of their lifespan. Their life expectancy is only 20 years old, which is why they are called the ‘Children’.

  • Sowel Devosiana
    Sowel Devosiana
    Sowel volunteered for the Gun Bullet Children program to avenge the deaths of her parents who were killed by vampires.
    Her calm demeanor and level-headedness in battle have earned her the position of the defacto leader of the Gun Bullet Children.
    She wields the power ‘Byte Kingdom’ which can summon a Killing Doll that will automatically target and attack enemies.
  • Tinatu (Chinatsu) Kagaya
    Tinatu (Chinatsu) Kagaya
    Chinatsu has a complex about her vampiric appearance, which is probably the reason for her aggressive and volatile personality.
    She is able to convert magical energy into an ‘Ingzeks’ attack that covers a wide area, giving enemies no opportunity for attack.
  • Miyabi Housen
    Miyabi Housen
    Miyabe is very childlike in her attitude and behavior. She was inducted into the Gun Bullet Children program after being raised an orphan by the Church. Nothing is known about her history prior to joining the church.
    Enemies that enter the range of her ability ‘Incinerating Kiss’ are instantly reduced to ashes.



‘Vampires’ are deviants born of unholy unity between humans Fallen Angels and humans. They have red pupils and white hair, are born with magical powers and are semi-immortal.

  • Gilles de Rai
    Gilles de Rai
    Gilles de Rais is a creature of the night that is neither vampire, nor Gun Bullet Children. Her actions and motives are shrouded in mystery.
    Her distinguishing feature are the artifact armor ‘Dole Gandis’ she wears that is similar to that of a medieval knight, and she wields a form of magic that was once thought to have been lost to history.
  • Lunatica Malice
    Lunatica Malice
    Lunatica is a vampire that possesses the ability to steal the lifeforce of others and use it to increase her own power. She is over several hundred years old, but she looks and acts like a child.
    In keeping with her young, simple nature, she is quick to obey orders and massacres her targets without the hesitation or mercy.
  • Seele Clan
    Seele Clan
    An incredibly powerful vampire and leader of the deviant hordes. Her special abilities are unknown as no-one that has witnessed them has lived to tell the tale.
    Cold and cruel, it is said that her lust for blood and the acts of atrocities she commits on the battlefield instill fear even in the deviants that follow her.
  • Sense Abel
    Sense Abel
    A vampire with the power to convert sound into magic. Dubbed the ‘Blue Moon Siren’, her voice brings victory to her allies and absolute death to those who oppose her. She is over 1,000 years old, the descendant of a renowned bloodline of pure vampires and the most trusted lieutenant of the leader of the vampires, the Undying Lord.