– Characters –


  • Ria File
    Ria File
    Ria is the half-vampire, half-human protagonist of eXceed 2nd – Vampire REX.
    Asa young girl, Ria lived in human society, but she was treated cruelly because she was a ‘deviant’ – a person possessing both human and vampire blood.
    When Ria awakened to her magical powers, she used them to escape her confines and run away.
  • Gilles de Rai
    Gilles de Rai
    Gilles is a female sorcerer who uses alchemy to draw out and use the power of mystical artifacts. She seems to have a different agenda to either the vampires or the humans, but just what that agenda might be is known only to her.
    Her personality consistently spiteful and sarcastic, and she is a dyed-in-the-wool sadist who enjoys seeing others in dire situations.
  • Siegrune & Brynhild
    Siegrune & Brynhild
    Siegrune and Brynhild are next-gen Gun Bullet Children, created by being fused with angels, almost to the point of death. They possess overwhelming powers, but the price is that their hearts and minds have become twisted.
    Together, they are able to summon the most powerful of the magical beasts, Fenris Wolf, to possess their bodies and they can tap into his boundless magical powers.
  • Sowel Devosiana
    Sowel Devosiana
    A member of the Church’s Gun Bullet Children, Sowel became an Exorcist of the Church to pursue a personal vengeance and shows no mercy to deviants.
    She uses the summoner’s art of Byte Kingdom, which commands Sylph, one of the Four Major Elementals.
  • Chinatsu Kagaya
    Chinatsu Kagaya
    One of the Church’s Gun Bullet Children
    Chinatsu wields the magically folded and hardened sword ‘Ingzeks’ and doesn’t hesitate to use it to carve apart any enemy that dares stand before her.
    She has a gruff and savage personality, and has no time for small talk.
  • Miyabi Hosen
    Miyabi Hosen
    Accompanies Chinatsu and the Church’s Gun Bullet Children in their missions.
    Her true nature is a mystery, but she has a happy-go-lucky attitude, however desperate the situation.
    Miyabi wields the incendiary art of ‘Incinerating Kiss’.
  • Anhel
    This young girl bears the same name as the holy lady Anhel. She was confined by the Holy Land priests to the darkest recesses of an invisible magical dimension.